LMAO with Live Green Mom and Petunia GreenBeans...Moms, You Will Want to See This!!

LMAO with Live Green Mom and Petunia GreenBeans...
Moms, You Will Want to See This!!
So I was over at my friend Petunia Green Bean's Blog yesterday and found this xtranormal video that Live Green Mom made that literally had me laughing all day long. If you are a mom who is trying to create a greener family, I think you will laugh your ass off too!

Making these xtranormal videos looks like a blast.  Laughing is my second favorite pastime and these videos are feeding my addiction!  Check this next one out and tell me if you can't totally relate?

Okay, enough green mommy giggles, it is time to get back to my main gig...raising my girlies.  I LOVE spending so much time with my daughters when they are on break from school.  Our vacation was a blast last week and now that Summer is officially here, I am officially on a 3 day work week...and officially not getting ANY work done!!  :)

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