10 Tricks to Help Maintain Your Goal Weight

Accepting that staying in your "goal" weight zone is a part of everyday life, makes living a little more fun and a lot less stressful.  If I eat a bit too much today, I will eat a little less tomorrow.  If I miss a workout for three or four days, I get back to it as soon as I can.  As many of us know, once you have lost a lot of weight, and you truly desire to live healthy, you realize there are no simple and easy answers to keeping those pesky 10 pounds off or losing 20 pounds, 30 pounds or even more.

For me, maintaining my goal weight and keeping off those pesky last 10 pounds is about an overall healthy, illness free lifestyle which includes using the following 10 little everyday tricks that I hope help you maintain your weight too:
  1. Take in fewer calories than what you put out and be honest about the number of calories you are taking in – this is the biggest one to master!! If you are on Weight Watchers, watch those Weight Watcher points and do not eat too much!  To make it really easy, download a Weight Watcher mobile app or a calorie counter app for your phone like the  free Calorie Counter by Fat Secret for your BlackBerry  or get the iPhone or iPod touch versions.
   2. Make healthy, whole food choices.
   3. As much as possible, stay away from sugar, alcohol and HFCS.
   4. Find a workout program that works for you and exercise as much as you can.  I shoot for 30-45 minutes about 5-6 days a week.  I have been a FIRM Believer for years and love the way that their workouts combine aerobics and strength training.  According to Dr. Oz, we lose an average of 5 percent of our muscle mass every 10 years after the age of 35 - f we don’t do anything about it.  So, it’s very important to increase muscle mass with weight bearing exercise.  Even at rest,  muscle burns more calories than fat; muscle tissue burns about seven to 10 calories per pound per day, compared to the two to three calories per pound per day burned with fat. 
   5. Drink more water or green tea sweetened with Stevia Plus than sugary fruit juices and HFCS infested sodas.
   6. Floss and brush your teeth right after dinner so you won’t snack all night.
   7. Take the stairs or your bike if you are up for it and find little ways throughout the day to burn those calories.  Every little bit helps.
   8. If you make or order something that is not all that you hoped it would be, do not eat it!  Never feel guilty for not eating food that just is not appealing to you.  Wrap it up for your hubby, roomie or kids.  Just because you don’t like it,  doesn’t mean someone else might not love it.
   9. Keep an eye on your actual weight with a good old scale if your clothes start to feel tight.
  10. When you have those 10 extra pounds to lose but really want that brownie, remind yourself that just because you shouldn’t eat it today, certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have one next week.

So if you find at least a couple of these tips helpful, please let us know and feel free to share your tips for keeping those pesky 10 pounds at bay in our comments below.  Most importantly, though, I hope that you will always and forever love your body at whatever weight it decides to settle into each and every single day. 

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