Eastender's, One of the BBC’s Most Watched Soap Opera's, Warns “Aspartame Causes Cancer”

It seems the folks overseas have once again beaten the good ol' USA to the health punch.  Not only do they not stand for TBHQ laced McDonald's chicken nuggets like we do in the States, they also are spreading the word about aspartame's ill effects.  In an Ellen type TV moment, a character on the popular BBC soap opera, Eastenders, warns against chewing low-calorie gum and matter-of-factly says it causes cancer.

Neil Foster, with the Sovereign Independent, thinks the aspartame mention on the BBC was a calculated move.  In a blog post this week, he warned, "I can’t believe that the BBC would put this into the most watched soap on British television without an ulterior motive."

I am thinking Neil just might be right. Maybe the BBC did make a calculated move to warn consumers about the real dangers of aspartame.  I, for one, applaud the move and can't wait to see what the rest of their ulterior motives might be.

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Source: Sovereign Independent

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