It's Green Living Snacktime! 3 Easy and Healthy Non GMO On the Go Snacks for Your Crazy, Busy Life

It seems that as my children get older, I have more to do rather than less.  Between work, working out, being a mom and keeping Big Bad Dad happy, it can be challenging to find healthy, on the go snacks for my crazy busy life. Can you relate?

I need something that not only I like to eat, but that  all three of my girls will love to eat too.  Plus I like our snacks to be low in sugar, contain no hydrogenated oils or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup ie. corn sugar), be free of petroleum based artificial food colors and flavors and they must be both preservative and GMO free. Whew!  Think that order is too tall to fill?  Think again.

Here are 3 easy and healthy on the go snacks for your crazy, busy days!
      1.  Let them Eat Garp -Okay so if you had an older brother in Boy Scouts as I did, you might remember hearing about garp when he and his troop would go hiking or camping.  Garp is really just trail mix but the type I make for my clan is super yummy and organic.  Basically, I grab 3 or 4 different types of Cascadian Farm Organic cereals that I always have on hand in my pantry, toss them in a reusable snack bag or Abeego and I am out the door in record time. Our family favorites to mix together are Cinnamon Crunch, Fruitful O's and Maple Brown Sugar Granola.  Really the combinations are endless.  All you need is some organic dry ingredients and a little imagination.

     2.  Think Bars - No, not the kind with loud music and tacky pick up lines, the kind with granola.  Did I mention how much I love Cascadian Farms?  Well I am truly a fan (really I fanned them on Facebook) and it just so happens that they also make a line of, not so super low in sugar but super yummy, chewy granola bars.  The flavors range from Chocolate Chip to Oatmeal Raisin and they are really easy to take with you anywhere you go. I keep a box in the car to dole out when tempers start to flare or tears start to fall and I can tell my girls need a little pick me up.  These bars pack a groovy little secret too in that they have 8 grams of antioxidant busting whole grains which studies show may help boost immunity.  It sure seems to work in our family.  

     3.  Get Nutty and Go Raw - I may not be a big fan of the raw revolution, but I have fallen in love with nutrient packed, raw organic almond butter and so have my kids...they just don't know it! You can easily find the brand I love, Artisana, at most grocery stores and online.  It is easy to spread a little on almost anything and no one will ever notice. The big benefit is that it is high in protein and vitamin E but contains no GMO's, cholesterol or gluten.  I spread Nutella (although not labeled non GMO, I have yet to hear of a GMO hazelnut) and organic almond butter between two slices of organic bread and use a cookie cutter to shape them into fun hearts or stars.  My kids eat them up and myself and Big Bad Dad love them too.  You can also add some sliced organic bananas to the mix for an even sweeter taste. Make a bunch, wrap them in Abeego, toss them in the freezer and you have an anytime easy snack to take anywhere.
    Healthy snacking on the go is really not so daunting with just a little creativity and a little planning.  See how many healthy snacks you can come up with this week and be sure to stop back by and share all your delicious creations and healthy finds with us!

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