10 Ways to Green Your Summer Vacation That Will Leave You Feeling Like a Kid Again!

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Who doesn’t love summer?  Long days filled with sunshine, fragrant flowers and the harmonious sounds of birds singing from sun rise to night fall right?  Oh who am I kidding?  Summer is here and the kids are out of school, filling those long, hot days with the harmonious sounds of their fighting with one another from sun rise to night fall.  But don't despair!  Summer is the perfect time to go green and you just might find yourself having the best summer since you were a kid.

Here are 10 ways to green your summer vacation that will leave you feeling like a kid again!
  1. Ask Liz First – According to Liz, from  Ask Liz First for Green Planet Solutions,  research has proven that many products that families are using around their children and family, can be detrimental to their health and that's not fun!  Before you reach for that sunscreen, Liz suggests you consult with EWG.org (Environmental Working Group) which has an easy to use, Sunscreen Guide full of over 1700 sunscreens, lip balms and makeups.  The guide will help you choose the safest sunscreen for you and your family.  You can even check your brand of sunscreen to see how it rated.  
  2. Green your Bar-B-Q - There are so many ways to make your summer Bar-B-Q green from choosing organic and free range meats to using recycled utensils and plates. Involve your kids by asking them to go with you to the local farmer's market to choose veggies to grill.
  3. Make a Date at the Strawberry Patch - Find a local strawberry patch that lets kids pick with you and make memories with your kids that will last a lifetime.  Take your strawberries home and make a delicious pie from scratch.  It will make your heart swell with love and happiness when you see how proud they are of their accomplishment.  I still remember doing this with my mom.
  4. Green your Ride - Before you hit the road, use these eco-tips to save money on gas that you have to put into your car. These are real ways you can save money on gasoline with the car you have, right now – no matter what kind of car it is. Who doesn't love saving money to feel carefree?
  5. Get Out of the Kitchen - The hot days of summer offer the perfect excuse to get out of the kitchen and let someone else cook for a change.  Be sure to give a little leftover love and bring your own to go containers instead of using petroleum based plastic containers like Styrofoam.   
  6. Turn on the Sprinkler - The next time you need to water your lawn, turn on the sprinkler and run through with abandon.  Granted, if you don't have kids to run with you, your neighbors might think you have lost your mind, but I know firsthand that it will make you giggle your cares away. 
  7. Green your hurricane preparations  - In a Hurricane Zone?  Prepare your supplies before you need them.  You will be able to enjoy your summer so much more if you know you have all you need on hand in case of a hurricane. If you have experienced a hurricane, like I have, you will understand how important this is.  Put it off, and you will have one more thing to worry about when you should be having care free days in the sun.
  8.  Join the Kids in Some Edible Fun! -  If you can't beat them in their silliness, you might as well join them right?  Take a page out of the Peaceful Housewife's playbook and eat your own play dough!  No worries over using petroleum based, artificial  food colors with this recipe!!
  9. Open the Windows - Keep yourself and you family healthy by getting the toxins out of your home.  Two simple ways to start creating a healthier environment are by choosing non toxic cleaning supplies and periodically opening the windows to air out your home. 
  10. Get a Sugar Buzz - Avoid artificial sweeteners and stick with real stuff to make yourself sweet.  Artificial sweeteners can cause a host of health problems and even trick your body into thinking it needs more sweets.  When you need a little sugar buzz, go for it with organic chocolates,  organic gummy worms or anything homemade.  Sometimes a little sweet treat is all we need to make the day just a little more fun.
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