Why This Green Girl LOVES The FIRM Workout Series and Has Stuck with It for Almost 20 Years! IT WORKS! The FIRM Review From Someone Who REALLY Knows

Why This Green Girl LOVES The FIRM  Workout Series and
Has Stuck with It for Almost 20 Years!  IT WORKS!  The FIRM Review From Someone Who REALLY Knows 

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When I hear people talking about how they need to lose weight, I always tell them about The FIRM.  About 20 years ago, as I was just getting out of college and planning my wedding, I gained over 20 pounds.  Yes, it's true.  Unlike most brides out there who lose weight,  before my wedding, I gained 20 pounds in my love delirium.

As I ate chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and dreamed of my future life of love, I kept working out doing aerobics, and of course I still kept gaining weight.  When I came home from my honeymoon, I stepped on the scale we had gotten for our wedding and I almost flipping had a heart attack.  The very next day,  I found The FIRM Workout and have stuck with it for almost 20 years.

Get more info on the newest workout series from The FIRM!  The FIRM Express Get Thin In 30 is kicking my butt and working my body with new moves that are waking up muscles I didn't know even know I had. 

I really love the way The FIRM is always changing up their programs.  They are not your average workout series.  Their staying power alone should have you turning into a believer! I also love the Wave from The FIRM but this latest program will get you ripped even if you feel like you will never be able to get back in shape.  You CAN do it and The FIRM will get you there.

The instructors are hot, fit and fun to workout with and even my girls know their names!  In fact, all three of my girls ages 5, 11 and 14 do The FIRM workouts with me.  The FIRM series is easy to adapt to your current level of fitness but remember it is not easy.  The 9 second bursts make the instructors breathe heavy and they make me feel like I just cannot do it.  But I do!!  I do this workout 5-7 times a week because it is so fast and easy to fit into my schedule.  If you make a commitment to do just 3 workouts a week for one month, you will not believe the beautiful changes you will see in your body.

Please give it a try, if I have been able to stick with The FIRM for almost 20 years, you can stick with it for 12  workouts right?  I promise in 12 workouts you will see a new you. 

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