16 US Colleges Receive Highest Green Rating ...Did Your Favorite School Make the List?

Harvard made the Princeton Review 2012 Green Rating Honor Roll.
Did your favorite school make the list?
The Princeton Review – known for its educational services which help guide students entering college – reported this week on its fourth annual green ratings of colleges.  The green ratings are a measure of how environmentally friendly the schools are on a scale of 60 to 99.  The Company tallied the green ratings for 768 colleges based on its institutional surveys of schools in 2010-11.  The surveys covered questions concerning their environmentally related practices, policies and academic offerings.  Out of the colleges given green ratings, 16 colleges received the highest green rating score of 99 and made The Princeton Review 2012 Green Rating Honor Roll.

Did your favorite school make the green list?
Even more encouraging for our green future than the 16 colleges which made the 2012 Green Rating Honor Roll, is the number of college bound kids who care.  Among 8,200 college applicants The Princeton Review surveyed this year for its annual "College Hopes & Worries Survey," 69% said having information about a college's commitment to the environment would impact their decision to apply to or attend a school. 

I don't know about you, but hearing that almost 70% of kids entering college care about supporting green, puts a smile on my face.

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Source: The Princeton Review.com
Photo Source: The Princeton Review.com

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