What's Your Eco 411? Play Along With Us

What's Your Eco 411?  Play Along With Us

Below is a list of questions based on those started by my girl Lynn of Funtastically Green  and we want YOU to play along with us!  Give us your Eco 411!

Here's the deal,  if you have a blog, post the questions below with YOUR Eco 411 answers and link to 5 (or more) friends and this post.  If you don't have a blog but are on Facebook, post your answers there and tag at least 5 friends and link back to this post.  Ask your friends to do the same, linking back to you, this post and a few of their friends!  And so on...

Let’s see how far we can take this! This is gonna be fun! I, like Lynn, am looking forward to getting to know all of you better and meeting some of your friends.You know how it is around here, finding the treasure in living green through self, people and planet is what we're all about.  Sharing our Eco 411 is just another way we can find the treasure that lies within each one of us.

Let's Play!

1. Who are you? Give us the goods – we really want to  know all about those skeletons in the closet. - What can I say?  I am a freak.  I like to sleep all day and stay up all night and I hate artificial anything...except artificial boobs...although I still cannot bring myself to get any.  My dad is in a wheelchair from a hepatitis-b vaccine and it really sucks.  Both of my parents are giving, sharing people and I am blessed to be their daughter.  I have been married for so long that I forget what it is like to be alone.  Some days I wish I remembered.  My three daughters are the most amazing creatures I have ever met...although there are many days that I think they are going to drive me to drink.  Did someone say drink?  It's 5pm somewhere right?  

2. If there was one thing on the planet that you could protect or change, what would it be? - I would protect all of the children in the world from all of the pain of the world.  I would change the fact that so many children are abused, lonely and homeless.  Children are our future.

3. What’s your WORST green habit? - Paper towels and plastic bags are my green nemesis!!!  I have switched to using recycled paper towels but each time I buy new wraps to replace my plastic bags, my girls toss them in the trash at school or find other ways to lose them.  I can't keep up!!

4.Girls - which eco-gal is the hottest?  Angelina Jolie, Mariel Hemingway, Alicia Silverstone or Jessica Alba
   Guys - Which eco-guy is cuter? Leo Dicaprio, Woody Harrelson, Surf or Matt Damon - Okay so although viewed in profile I look like a boy, I am a chick so I would say...I do not go for any of those green guys.  My secret green crush will remain just that...a secret!

5. What’s your fav healthy food? Least fav? - My favorite healthy food is avocado and even on my strict medical diet it's allowed!!  I eat them like apples.  Seriously like nothing is allowed on my diet.  Although I did find a yummy organic gelatto that I can scarf down faster than you can say Shane Shirley Smith.  My least favorite healthy food would have to be tofu.  Bleh.  No matter how I prepare it, it still tastes like slimy, wet goo.

6 If you could adopt an animal from WWF, what would it be? Why? - I would adopt a baby polar bear.  Ever since I cried my eyes out over the tiny lost polar bear cub in Disney's "earth" movie, I have wanted to save all of the polar bears in the world.  Or was it a lost elephant?

7. If you could have any house, anywhere – where would you live? - If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live where I could do the most good.  Right now, I think I am exactly where I need to be.  Ask me in about 18 years and my answer might be different..but I doubt it.  Home is where the heart is might be a corny saying, but it is true.
8. Is bigger better? (A house that is girls! Shame on you *snickering*) Would you rather have a small house or a big house? Why? - Bigger is never better when it comes to anything except love.

So I am linking to a few more than 5 of my blogger friends!! 
I can't wait to learn more about my green friends below but remember, even if you weren't tagged you are still invited to play!  
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