Environmental Booty Live Green and Save Series - Say Goodbye to Plastic Bags and Create Waste Free Lunches Easily with mothering Mother

Environmental Booty Live Green and Save Series - Say Goodbye to Plastic Bags and Create Waste Free Lunches Easily with mothering Mother

Sold in Sets of 5 - each 5.5” x 6”
Perfect snack, sandwich or small bulk size
List Price $12
Get it Now at the Buy Green Wholesale Price $10
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When we think about what our tomorrows will look like, an obvious part of taking responsibility for our planet is to reduce and reuse. Think about it.  It is not just good for our planet to use our resources responsibly, it is good for our budget too right?  I don't know about you, but I have really struggled with the whole ban the plastic bag thing when it comes to lunch.  I have tried a ton of different reusable lunch and snack bags but I have never found one that is an all purpose and inexpensive baggie until I found mothering Mother bags.  
"mothering Mother is committed to developing, promoting and distributing reusable products that replace disposable products. Our intention is to reduce the impact of disposable living upon Mother Nature by educating and encouraging a wider community commitment to changing behaviors, and by making our products accessible and affordable.  A portion of profits from mothering Mother will be shared with environmental organizations working toward Earth awareness and protection. mothering Mother encourages activity that mothers Mother in all arenas of life."-  mothering Mother

Each bag has a Velcro closure that closes tightly but the tabs on the top make it easy for even my 6 year old to pull open.  They wash up really nicely but I don't toss them in the dryer because I have found that Velcro always gets fuzzy when it hits the dryer.  I bought 2 packs of 5 bags but wish I would have purchased twice that.  Although, amazingly, all of my mothering Mother bags have made their way back to me after school in my girl's lunch boxes, I could really use more!  I could use these for coffee beans and any other smaller bulk items I buy.  Plus, mothering Mother has an entire line of bags that help us all reduce and reuse and save green.

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Do you know that every single plastic bag that you have ever used, that your neighbors have used, that people all over the world have used, will remain on this earth, in some form, forever?  Plastic doesn't biodegrade.  Unless it is incinerated, which is obviously not good for our environment or ourselves, tiny bits and fragments of plastic will stick around polluting our planet, our animals and our tomorrows.

Oh and by the way, who knows what plastic baggies are made of?

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