Save $25 & Warm Up Your Fall with HT Naturals' Ocean Park Organic Cotton, Bamboo & Ethical Hoodie! - Environmental Booty Live Green and Save Series

Save $25 and Warm Up Your Fall with HT Naturals' Ocean Park Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Ethical Hoodie! - Environmental Booty Live Green and Save Series

Ocean Park Organic Cotton and Bamboo Hoodie - zip front, slim fit, raglan sleeves, and kangaroo pockets. Available in three colors - Army, Lake and Black.
List Price: $59.00
Sale Price: $34.30
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My friends at Buy Green have done it again by making living green a little bit easier and a whole lot easier on your wallet.  With fall upon us, the weather is turning chilly and hoodies are a staple in my girls' wardrobe and this one is perfect for teens and adults alike.  This great fitting, ultra soft bamboo and organic cotton french terry hoodie is a best seller and it will keep you warm and cozy while you do your part to live more sustainably.   How can buying this Ocean Park hoodie support sustainability?  Easy!  Unlike many of the hoodies you buy at big box retailers, this hoodie is from HTnaturals which offers natural fibers that are soft and comfortable, durable and ethical.

This Ocean Park organic hoodie is a pert of a line from HT Naturals that consists of great designs made in manufacturing facilities which adhere to HTnaturals' high labor standards and safety practices. No worry that your dollar is supporting unsafe working conditions or child labor!!  Plus, HTnaturals apparel is dyed using only non-azo dyes which are the least toxic industrial dyes on the market today and HTnaturals does not use any heavy metals in any aspect of its production so there is no worry that your dollar is supporting a company which pollutes our planet.

I love HTnaturals and their dedication to being a part of the solution to creating a more sustainable future. They are committed to the development, manufacture and sale of comfortable, durable and affordable garments that are less harmful to the environment and that provide benefits for the people involved in the entire product supply chain.  Truly, from the fabric processors, distributors, retailers and ultimately, to you the customers, HTnaturals' goal is to leave as little impact on the world as possible. 

Living green is not just about turning off the lights when you leave a room or using your reusable bottle.  Isn't it time to dig deeper into living green and begin to look for ways to live more sustainably in every aspect of your life?  From the foods you choose to eat to the clothes you wear, you can be a part of creating a better, healthier tomorrow.  When you find a clothing manufacturer that cares about what they do and how they do it, with great design, great fit, and an affordable price, you have found one more reason to go green!

Check out how to Buy Green at wholesale (no membership required) and find even more ways to green your tomorrow and leave a little more green in your wallet.  

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