Wondering How to Be Romantic? Here's How to Rev Up the Romance for under $10 and Go Green While Doing IT!

Wondering How to Be Romantic? Here's How to Rev Up the Romance for under $10 and Go Green While Doing IT!

Love ? I love love love you.

After being married for almost 20 years, there are a few things that us old married folks have learned about keeping the love alive.  The first is that nobody is perfect and we are all nobody, the second is that forgiveness is not something we do for other people, it's something we do for ourselves and finally romance is not something that just happens, it's something you must create.  If you are wondering how to be romantic with your sweetie pie, here is one sure fire way I have found to rev up the romance for under $10 and go green while doing it. But don't worry, creating the right mood for cuddling and snuggling is so easy anyone can do it in 4 easy steps, including YOU!

  1. Grab your sweetie pie and a bring the kids to your mom's, a sitter, a friend's house or anyone who will keep them occupied, happy and fed for a couple of hours or the entire night.  If you have to, put them to bed early by dangling a carrot of the promise of "special time" with mommy or daddy in front of their noses.  My kids love to have time with me alone baking, reading or grabbing a smoothie.  You know what their commodity is and now is the time to offer it in return for some quiet time with your honey.
  2. Next, turn off the lights, grab a match and light a delicious smelling My Eco Pot Soy Lotion Candle from my friends at Buy Green.  The candle is just $7 and is all natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.  The flicker of the candle will immediately create a romantic mood and set the perfect backdrop for yummy cuddles.  But wait, you're not done yet...
  3. After you are done burning the candle, use the natural soy liquid that is left as a decadent, aromatherapy massage oil and you and your sweetheart will be ready for number 4.
  4. ?

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