Moms and Dads This Halloween Meet The Candy Witch to Get Rid of Unwanted Candy and If You're Over 40 Just Say NO to Black Licorice - My Green Halloween Tips

Moms and Dads This Halloween Meet The Candy Witch and If You're Over 40, Just Say NO to Black Licorice - My Green Halloween Tips
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Happy Green Halloween my green friends!!  I absolutely love this holiday and the good news is that consumers are spending a ton of cash this Halloween.  Sadly, they are spending a ton of that cash on candy for your kids with HFCS and a rainbow of artificial colors and flavors. Although I am certain there are times when my three girls would give a good argument in favor of that fact that I am, I must say that I am not a mean mom.  I do let my kids eat candy and foods filled with artificial colors and flavors once in a blue moon.  Ever notice how many blue moons there seem to be around birthdays, holidays and those rare times when bribery becomes a necessary evil?  Still, I do not want my kids eating too much crap, even on Halloween, so this year I am using the Candy Witch to help me Green Halloween and get rid of most of my kids' Halloween candy loot.  Listen up because this might just work with the little ghosts and goblins at your house too.

The legend of the Candy Witch can be found by doing a quick Google search online but I am taking the liberty to create a few variations on the theme.  After my kids get home with all of their candy, I am going to tell them that whatever candy they do not like, they can leave on the front porch for the Candy Witch.  She loves all candy and is a close relative of the Tooth Fairy.  In fact, I am going to tell them (and here comes the bribery again) that if they let me take all of the candy I do not like (and leave them 10 pieces which I dole out over the next month) to give to the Candy Witch, she will leave them some cold hard cash or a special present. 

Next moms and dads, you have the option to either:
  1. Eat the candy yourself - this is a viable option is for my husband but not so much for me.  I would most likely eat it all in an hour and then feel like total crap for days.
  2. Give it to the hotties at your local Police or Fire Station - the big benefit here is that you get to view the eye candy while you drop off the candy.
  3. Take part in any candy swaps that may be occurring in your home town.
  4. Give it to your teacher so she can suffer the effects of the sugar and petroleum based food dyes on your kiddies - so not such a great option but I may give a few pieces to a teacher as she has requested it.  Still bums me out that she gives candy as a reward once in a while but this year I am trying NOT to be THAT MOM who won't let her kids have candy.  I am working on moderation not elimination in hopes of teaching my kids how to take care of themselves as they get older.
  5. Compost it - This is the absolute best option and what I will be doing this year with the majority of the candy I ply away from my kids with the Candy Witch story.  
    Check out how my friends at Green Halloween compost after Halloween

    Finally my last Halloween tip is to stay the heck away from black licorice if you are over 40.  I am not harping on the unhealthy artificial colors and flavors this time.  This time it is your heart you need to look out for.

    Stay safe tonight and always!!
    According to the FDA:
    "If you’re 40 or older, eating 2 ounces of black licorice a day for at least two weeks could land you in the hospital with an irregular heart rhythm or arrhythmia." - read more on FDA website
    So that just about does it for this Green Halloween 2011 post.  Just remember, if you will be out Trick or Treating with your little ones tonight braving the rain or snow, chin up and know that this year, you have the Candy Witch on your side.  :)

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