You Deserve This! Green Living Replenishing Spa Giveaway from Environmental Booty and Shaklee Worth Over $200

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You Deserve This! Green Living Replenishing Spa Giveaway from Environmental Booty and Shaklee Worth Over $200
Vitalizer™ Women or Men One Month Supply
Shaklee Energy Chews 2 packs /20 Ea
ProSanté® Purifying Shampoo
ProSanté® Replenishing Conditioner
Enfuselle® Moisturizing Shower Gel
Enfuselle® Shower Sponge
Enfuselle® SPF 30
ProSanté® Long-Lasting Finishing Spray
Retail Value - $224.15

I say it is time to stop and give yourself a pat on the back during this season of giving thanks to THANK YOURSELF with a green living replenishing spa set of my favorite Shaklee products worth over $200!  You deserve this spa set I have put together of 7 green living, safe for you and our planet, vitalizing and nourishing personal care and nutritional supplements.  I use all of these products myself and rely on them to keep me looking great and feeling even better in my busy, mommy, wifey, working, volunteering life.

I really cannot say enough great things about the products and the people who work with Shaklee as Distributors, employees and of course their caring CEO Roger Barnett and his gracious and energetic wife Sloan.  By the way, you must follow Sloan on Twitter!!  She is a riot, has tons of great stories to tell and she is an ally on the green front for all consumers. You can also catch her take on green living in her articles on the Huffington Post.

Roger Barnett, CEO Shaklee &  Sloan Barnett, New York Times best-selling author

Although I may sound like a distributor for Shaklee, I am just one of their biggest fans like green star Gwyneth Paltrow.  I have been fortunate enough to do some work for them, and I can tell you, Shaklee has done their green living due diligence.  You never have to worry about using any of their products on yourself, your family or in your home as all of them are free of harmful chemicals and ingredients.

This year I had the true pleasure to meet one of the doctors who is behind creating Shaklee's line.  Let me just tell you, she knows her science and she understands, personally and professionally, the importance of creating safe, non-toxic products for your family.  She really cares about what she is creating.  I guarantee you will feel more energetic and replenished after one month of using these personal care and supplement products I have picked out for this spa package.  I swear by the Vitalizer™ vitamins, Enfuselle® Moisturizing Shower Gel and ProSanté® Long-Lasting Finishing Spray and cannot wait for you to try them.

You will love using these nourishing products from Shaklee in your home just like I do. You deserve it!

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