Come with Me to The Motor City as Ford Reveals The Newly Redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion January 9th at The North American International Auto Show

Who doesn't love Ford?  They represent everything good about America: Independence, Success and Ingenuity

The highest ranked midsize car for dependability in 2011 by J.D. Power and Associates is getting a beefy, hot new look for 2013.  And, courtesy of Ford, I am taking you to see the world reveal of the totally redesigned Ford Fusion on Monday January 9th at the North American International Auto Show in the Motor City!  You ready?  I know I certainly am.  The Ford Fusion has been one of the best selling models for Ford and from what I know about the new 2013 model, that trend is a sure bet to continue.

Come with Me to The Motor City as Ford Reveals The Newly Redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion January 9th at The North American International Auto Show - Download the Ford Fusion mobile app now!
I think it is pretty obvious that I am a car buff from many of the past posts I have done here on EB but Ford holds a special place in my heart for many reasons.  One of which is the fact that I was raised in Michigan and at least half of my friends' parents seemed to be connected in some way to Ford.  Then there is the fact that I have chosen to own 7 Ford's in my lifetime and I have made some pretty unforgettable memories in those rides.  In fact, there is a Ford Expedition sitting in my driveway right now.

Ford is an American icon not only because of the ingenuity of Henry Ford, but because their engine's are powerful and peppy, their suspension is nice and tight and their responsiveness makes my driving experience in a Ford always an enjoyable one.

Now with the new 2013 Ford Fusion, not only will the dependability be there that consumers worldwide have come to rely on, the styling for the Ford Fusion will be beefed up but sleek (I hear it looks more European), the super efficient EcoBoost ™ engine will be saving owners cash while helping them live greener lives and the 2013 Fusion will be the first, mainstream midsize sedan to offer Ford's Lane Keeping System. 

Ford Lane Keeping System Helps Fusion Drivers Stay Alert and Between the Lines

    •    All-new Ford Fusion will offer available Lane Keeping System to alert and assist the driver when the car is drifting out of the lane
    •    Windshield-mounted digital camera detects lane markers and the car’s position on the road
    •    Electric power steering provides a vibration alert that simulates rumble strips to the driver through the wheel and assistance to stay between the lines
    •    Persistent drifting consistent with a drowsy driver triggers chimes and warning lamp alerts to stop and rest
“Fusion’s Lane Keeping System combines a digital imaging sensor with our own state-of-the-art control software to process images and determine what level of warning or assistance to provide to the driver,” said Michael Kane, Ford development engineer. “We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring the accuracy of the lane detection and the smoothness of the assist.”

I cannot wait to meet some of the Ford engineers who worked on the design of the 2013 Ford Fusion and the Lane Keeping System technology and get their take on what they love about the new design.  If you have any questions you would like me to ask them, just let me know via Twitter @EnviroBooty, email or in the comments below.

The first press conference on Monday is at 7:30am and I am planning on uploading some pics and news right away.  So check back in on Monday morning to see my pictures, hang out on the floor of the show with me and hear all about the Ford Fusion redesign.  I know it is going to be a really hot little eco-ride and I am just hoping I get to take one for a test drive...would it be too much to ask for a stick shift? 

Oh and that reminds me, you need to Fan Ford Fusion on Facebook.   There you can download the Ford Fusion mobile app for your smartphone or tablet and get behind the wheel of a virtual 2013 Ford Fusion.  You can also unlock 19 different driving courses, get exclusive video content and see the 2013 Ford Fusion reveal, right along with me, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

I will also be tweeting all day from the event too at #FordNAIA and reporting into our EB fanpage. See You Monday!!


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