Made it to NAIAS but My Phone Didn't!

So I made it to Detroit in one piece, no plane crash, but I must say I am a tee tiny bit frazzled. I would love to be downstairs having a bite to eat with some of the other 150 bloggers from around the world that are here reporting on the North American International Auto Show but I need to strategize. You see it seems that in my always late lifestyle haste, this morning as I was leaving my house, I left my ever so handy iPhone sitting on the floor.
So, I am just figuring out how to mobile blog from my iPad! Thank goodness I still have that!
Anyway, heading to dinner tonight at the Henry Ford Museum and then off to the Joe Louis Arena for a day of press conferences and meet and greets. Really looking forward to seeing the new 2013 Ford Fusion (it is supposed to have acEuropean look and feel), meeting with the designers and shaking hands with Ford's CEO, Alan Mulally.
So basically all is well and I am here in one piece but I am just wondering, how can I pull off looking cool as I whip out my iPad to snap pictures? ;)

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