Don't Stress When You Fly, Do Yoga! San Francisco Goes Even Greener as Airport Opens First Ever Yoga Room

The folks in San Fransisco just keep getting greener every day.  Now their airport has a yoga room to help passengers de-stress

I have done some pretty off the wall things at the airport because of my fear of flying.  There was the time when I was barely legal and so scared to fly that I had 2 Long Island Iced Teas in 15 minutes and got kicked off of the plane until I sobered up.  Then there was the time that I sat in an airport restaurant bawling like a baby because I was flipping out at the thought of getting on the plane.  Although I am much better at flying these days, the next time I am passing through terminal 2 at the San Francisco Airport (SFO), I will most certainly take a few minutes to relax and unwind in the first ever of its kind, brand new Yoga Room.

Michael C. McCarron, director of community affairs for SFO and an 18 year yoga aficionado who has learned the benefits of yoga, said the yoga room came about because a passenger mentioned the idea to him.  McCarron says the space is a, "dimly lit, blue lighting space.  Just relax and you're gonna feel de-stressed when you walk out of the room."

And these days, who couldn't use a little stress relief when flying?

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Photo Source: Mind Body Green

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