How to Be Green In 3 Easy Steps

I frequently get asked the question, "How can I be greener?".  I love it when I get that question because it means that another consumer is starting their journey to a healthier future.  The more consumers who are on that journey,  the better it is for all of us.  So my goal in answering the, "What is the best way to go green?" question is to not overwhelm people with too much information that they flip out and forget it.  I have developed a response that really covers it well and, amazingly, I have found that you can tell anyone how to be green in 3 easy steps.
The Green Polka Dot Box
  1. Have a Desire to Live Greener - No matter the level of interest you initially have in living a healthier life for yourself and our planet, all you need is the desire.  The intensity will increase naturally over time.  Trust me on this.  I have seen it happen to people time and time again. The important thing is to not feel guilty or think you are doing it wrong or you aren't doing enough.  This is your life and your walk on the path to a greener lifestyle.  Only you can make the changes in your own time, at your own pace.  Enjoy your walk and pat yourself on the back along the way.  
  2. Get Informed and Speak "Green" with Your Wallet - Just like you are doing here today with us on the Environmental Booty® Blog, continue to seek out and connect yourself with green living resources  and information (both online and offline) to help you make more informed, green living consumer choices.  If you suddenly gain an interest in choosing healthier foods, search out sites like The Green Polka Dot Box which offers green living recipes as well as green consumer products and organic, healthy foods.  Looking for something to do?  Make a date to check out your local farmer's market.  They provide a really fun way to get outside and get to know your local farmers and where your food comes from.
  3. Share What You Learn - When you find a great resource, product or helpful piece of green news that you love, don't be afraid to share it with your friends, family and social circles online.  And remember, if they aren't quite as excited as you are about the green epiphany you are experiencing, don't worry.  If they listened at all, they will come around.  They always do.
So there you have it, how to be green in 3 easy steps.  What could be more simple, right?  Now go and share this! ;)

"Our future depends on our knowledge and actions. What choices will you make today that will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow? Together we CAN find the path that will lead us to a greener, healthier future." - Shane

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead