Wordless Wednesday 2-15-12 Moon Fish and Sour Appletinis

Wordless Wednesday is a day for me to share a photo from a moment in time in my green living life with you with just a few words...

Although my husband might disagree, it doesn't take much to make me happy.  One of my all time favorite things to do is to eat out.  Whether a hole in the wall bar with great local flavor or a family run Italian spot, I love to try all of the different food and drinks at the amazing restaurants we have in Orlando.

Last Friday night we headed out to Dr. Phillips Blvd., or as we Orlando locals call it, "restaurant row'.  After heading to one of our favorite Italian restaurants in the rain and sadly finding it had closed its doors, we were turned away at two more spots for not having reservations.  Finally, we settled in at Moon Fish and I think I have found a new hangout.  The ambiance was festive and the sour appletini was sans anything artificial and you gotta love that.  I sure did.

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