It's Monday and It's Time to Live a Little! Idea #3, Become One with Chocolate Through Coco-Zen

In case you missed it last week, for a few weeks I will be linking up with an amazing group of women bloggers from the Skimbaco community. We will be offering up ideas on finding fulfillment in life right now through the little things to make the most out of each and every day.

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Ideas On How to Live a Little...the Little Ways You Can Live Life to the Fullest Everyday
 "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." - Harriet Tubman 

If you really love chocolate like I do, a bit of delicious milk, dark or white chocolate can make you feel a little decadent and help you Live a Little.  A few years ago I met a wonderful green living mom and fellow chocoholic online named Joyce Kushner.  Like many of us, after Joyce had her first baby, she decided to take a break from her busy life in retail marketing to stay home and care for him.

Joyce with her newborn son
During her maternity leave, Joyce spent her break-time while her son napped making chocolate desserts. It turned out that experimenting with chocolates (and tasting them!) helped Joyce maintain her post-partum "tranquility." Makes perfect sense to me!

When Joyce shared her delicious homemade chocolate treats with her family and friends, to her surprise, they really loved them.  Joyce took a chance and decided to leave corporate America to go into business for herself and Coco-Zen was born.

Joyce uses only organic and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate in Coco Zen truffles and you would be hard-pressed to find a more satisfying truffle anywhere.  Her chocolates are so much more satisfying than the stuff you get at the market or even at Godiva.  To make her treats a little sweeter, Joyce makes all of Coco-Zen's  chocolate treats are Fair Trade Certified™ and they are currently working toward organic certification. 

At Coco-Zen, they live by the philosophy that all living things are connected - that all our actions not only affect ourselves but also the world around us.  Joyce spreads her love through her chocolates and  cute sayings she shares each week on her Coco-Zen blog that make you giggle...

I find that ordering Coco-Zen organic, fair trade chocolates is a great way to Live a Little and spread a little love.  In fact, I just ordered some of Coco-Zen's adorable little Bunny Truffles for my girls and for myself.  Just waiting for them to be delivered is adding a little, sweet anticipation to my days.

On Easter Morning when my girls see their Bunny Truffles in their Easter baskets and eat them as quick as they can, I know they will love them and feel special.  Joyce puts a little love into all of her chocolates and I guarantee that you will become one with Coco-Zen's chocolate and forget, even if just for a moment, all your cares, worries and to-do-list.

Go ahead, order yourself or a loved one a little oneness with Coco-Zen's chocolates and Live a Little

P.S.- Have you heard about The Green PolkaDot Box! Recently launched with over 12,000 members and backed by the Organic Consumer's Association, you can easily buy NonGMO organics at wholesale pricing online.  It's like a Sam's club but focused on products for green, healthy living!!  You can even shop by dietary restrictions like gluten free, vegan or diabetic.

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