Wordless Wednesday 4-25-12 Harvest Fresh Organics are Knocking at Your Door

Wordless Wednesday is a day for me to share an image from my green living life with you along with just a few words...or so 
Yummy harvest fresh produce that was delivered to a Green Polka Dot Box member's front door within 24 hours of harvest

I am soooo excited!!  The Harvest Fresh test period at the Green PolkaDot Box is over and the Harvest Fresh program has just officially launched!  Now GPDB members living in the western U.S. can now order a Harvest Fresh Green PolkaDot Box full of fresh harvested organic produce at wholesale pricing and receive it NEXT DAY with FREE delivery.

For those of us in the right half of the U.S., the folks at the GPDB are in my home state of Florida right now, working on establishing the first Harvest Fresh operations in the eastern U.S. to serve the southern and mid-atlantic regions.

But that's just a fraction of our plans. More exciting news to come!!!

I am a Founding Trust Member and I love ordering nonGMO, organic groceries at up to 60% off and more at the Green PolkaDot Box.  Even my kids love GPDB and you will too!! Sign up now for as little as $50 for a full year membership!!

P.S.- I LOVE The Green PolkaDot Box! Recently launched with over 12,000 members and backed by the Organic Consumer's Association, you can easily buy NonGMO organics at wholesale pricing online.  It's like a Sam's club but focused on products for green, healthy living!!  You can even shop by dietary restrictions like gluten free, vegan or diabetic.

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