How to Make Home for Baby a Safer, Greener Place

Wondering How to Make Your Home for Baby a Safer, Greener Place? Try Baby Harmony
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Wondering How to Make Your Home for Baby a Safer, Greener Place?
If you are a new mom, or have little ones still at home, you may be wondering just how to make your home for your children and baby a safer, greener place.  Well don't worry because I have the inside scoop on cleaning green for a safe clean home for your baby and children.

It's Time to Get a Safe Clean for Your Baby and Children-  Meet Baby Harmony!
I have had the pleasure of working with one of the few Green America approved, natural cleaning companies in the nation that has made its mission helping you create for your kids and your baby a safe clean home.  How do they do it?  I asked Sharron, Founder of Baby Harmony, a leading manufacturer of all natural cleaners that will keep your baby a safe baby,  and this is what she said -
"We use the power of nature, that's how.  Our entire Baby Harmony product line from laundry detergent to toy and high chair cleaner provides an all natural, safe clean that is non-toxic and effective green cleaning.  Cleaning green with Baby Harmony helps your baby be safe and you have peace of mind." - Sharron McAdams, Baby Harmony All Natural Cleaners
Wondering How to Make Your Home for Baby a Safer, Greener Place? Try Baby Harmony
Give Your Baby a Little Harmony in Their life!

Carcinogens in Name Brand Laundry Soap?
Did you know that there are dioxins that are listed as carcinogens by the EPA in regular, name brand laundry soap?  They get away with it by saying the amount is so small that there is no harm to humans.  Seriosuly?  If you are like me, you want to give your baby a safe set of sheets to lay on and a safe smelling onesie to wear, not one that is laced with carcinogens.

Here's What to Do to Give Your Baby a Safe, Non-Toxic Green Clean
So here's what you can do to help start giving your baby a safe, non-toxic, green clean.  Head to Baby Harmony and pick up their Baby Harmony Sample Basket full of 9 4oz. sample sizes of their best selling, natural cleaning products for only $21.99 - and keep reading to find out how to get $5 off your first order over $14.99.

Wondering How to Make Your Home for Baby a Safer, Greener Place? Try Baby Harmony
Nine  4oz Baby Harmony Samples.
Includes 100% Natural Basket full of nine
 4oz Baby Harmony Samples of their best selling green cleaning products. 
Plus...A little special gift from my friends at Baby Harmony!
Once you try Baby Harmony to help keep your baby a safe baby, I think you will be hooked.

The Baby Harmony Sample Basket includes nine 4 oz sample sizes of:
  1. Baby Harmony Laundry Wash Pure & Free (4 loads)Baby Harmony Pure & Free Laundry Spot Remover
  2. Baby Harmony Pure & Free Glass Cleaner
  3. Baby Harmony Pure & Free Dish & Bottle Wash
  4. Baby Harmony Pure & Free All-purpose Cleaner
  5. Baby Harmony Pure & Free Tub & Tile Cleaner
  6. Baby Harmony Pure & Free Hand Soap
  7. Baby Harmony Pure & Free Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover
  8. Baby Harmony Pure & Free Floor Cleaner Concentrate
  9. Baby Harmony Pure & Free Toy & Highchair Cleaner
Oh and be sure to give Baby Harmony a Like on their Facebook fan page to GET A COUPON CODE FOR $5 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER OVER $14.99! 

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