Live a Little Idea #12 - Release Your Inner Fitness Goddess and Join Our Go Green Get Fit Challenge to Sustain Your Self™

I know she is in there so get ready to release your inner fitness goddess and join our Go Green Get Fit Challenge and

Sustain Your Self™

So y'all know I am a fitness goddess.  Okay, so, well at least you know I love to work out. I personally like to think of myself as a fitness goddess.  And damn it why can't I?  At 44 I am 124 pounds and as fit as I possibly can be to help me sustain myself.  Sure I need a boob job because my three daughters sucked the life right out of them, or at least what life there was in them, but I have yet to be able to bring myself to do that.  And sure my ass seems to be heading south just a tee tiny tad bit more than it was 20 years ago but I could give a sh@t.  Ya' wanna know why?
Because I am a fit mama, that's why.  I know that I cannot take care of anything (think our planet) or anyone (think my babies, my hubby) if I do not sustain myself.


If you really want to live a little, then get your butt up off of that couch or bed or chair or whatever the heck you have it planted in and move it!  Need a little inspiration?  Check out the Go Green Get Fit Challenge and get ready to release your inner fitness goddess too!

 Link up with our challenge right now on Facebook, Twitter (with hashtags #GoGreenGetFit & #SustainYourself) and Pinterest so you can join us!

Join me and more than 25 of the most elite green bloggers in the US and Canada as we gear up to inspire and help motivate women of all ages, all over the world to release their inner athlete (think goddess) this summer!

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As a part of ecomom Alliance's Sustain Your Self™ Series, for 12 weeks, beginning June 18th, 25+ of the most well-respected and connected green bloggers, top health and wellness brands & organizations, coaches, physiologists and nutritional experts will be linking up to offer motivation, inspiration and information to help women prioritize their health, get fit, lose weight, reduce mega amounts of stress and have a really fun trip along the way.  

Seriously, can you think of a better way to live a little this summer?  The pay off will be one fit mama who is ready to take on the world...or at least the challenge of raising a family, protecting our planet and living your best life. 

My goal with the Go Green Get Fit Challenge is to finally stop gaining and losing that same 10 pounds or so that I keep gaining and losing every few months.  This summer I will stay in my feel good weight zone of 122- 127 pounds...hopefully...I mean I will!!  I also want to increase my heavy hand-weights by a few pounds to 15, continue to work with my bum shoulder to resume push ups and my bum knee to try to run again and finds ways to green my workouts. 

What will your fitness goal be when you join us this summer? 
Now It's Your Turn to Share How to Live a Little!
On Mondays I link up with an amazing group of bloggers from the Skimbaco community.  We offer up ideas on finding fulfillment in life, right now, through the little things to make the most out of each and every day.

Have a blog? Love to have you link up and join us in this Live a Little weekly blog hop!! Sometime this week, write a post about how you Live a Little then link up using the Linky below and get the code yourself to put on your blog.   If you would like to add a Live a Little banner, you can find those here.

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