Green PolkaDot Box vs. for Guaranteed Low Prices on Non GMO Organic Foods?

I am a Founding Trust Member of the Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB) where I get my NonGMO organic foods for up to 60% off.  I really love the convenience of shopping online, I know I can trust that everything is free of genetically modified ingredients and the savings on green living products are awesome.   Still, lately I have been hearing ads on the radio for another low cost provider of healthy foods called  I started wondering if they had non-GMO organic foods at lower prices than the Green PolkaDot box and I got my answer last week in an email from our Founder, Rod Smith.

Independent Price Comparison
Rod explained in his email that recently, an independent 3rd party did a price comparison of 329 products carried by both GPDB and

Here are the Results of the Price Comparison
GPDB prices were lower than on 95% of the products compared and 314 of GPDB's products were lower than by an average of 18%!

Low Price Guarantee on Organic NonGMO's from GPDB
Still, the goal at GPDB has always been to be the lowest on every single item whenever possible and we will achieve this.  Because we want you to trust that we will always have the lowest prices on organic NonGMO's and that your membership is well worth it, from here on out, GPDB is implementing a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE.

If you can find any item at a lower published price from any retail or online store within 7 days after your purchase from the Green PolkaDot Box, we will immediately issue Reward points to your account to cover the difference. 

The Green PolkaDot Box is the only online shop that offers the easiest way to shop for the lowest prices, guaranteed, on organic NonGMO's.

Join now for as little as $50 or opt for a Reward Membership that could have you getting your groceries for free.  Hurry though because Reward Memberships will be gone by the end of 2013.

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