My 7 Snacks to Slim

My 7 Snacks to Slim Help Keep Me Thin
My 7 snacks to slim help keep me thin

This Week Was a Good One for Me as Far as the Go Green Get Fit Challenge and I Hope That You Found Success as Well!

Unlike a couple of weeks ago, this was a good week for me and the Go Green Get Fit Challenge. I think what really helped me stay on track with my goals was sticking to my 6 hours of sleep rule and knowing that I have to sport a bikini next week on vacation!  I really hate putting on a bikini because I have absolutely no boobs (my babies sucked the life right out of them), but that just motivates me to work even harder to rock what I got!

At age 44, after having three babies, I have worked out since I was 14 years old and I am not about to stop about you?  Are you rocking what you got?  Well if you are joining us on the Go Green Get Fit Challenge, you may be extra hungry from the extra exercise and you may be wondering what to snack on.  Well I have 7 snacks that I love to munch on all of the time and they help keep me slim.

I am No Nutritionist or Weight Loss Expert, I Just Know What Works for Me

Although I have worked out for three decades - oh my Lord I am old - and I know what works to keep me a slim 124-127 pounds.  I work out 4-6 times a week and I snack throughout the day rarely eating a full meal until dinner.  I am a very busy mommy/business owner and I rarely have time to sit down to eat.  I am also like a little nervous chihuahua and I find that nervous energy keeps my appetite suppressed.  I do snack on 7 of my favorites frequently and today I thought I would share those with you.

My 7 Snacks to Slim
  1. Organic White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Crunch Granola Bars - 2 bars per serving - 190 calories/ 9g fat/ 27g carbs/ 3g protein
  2. StarKist Albacore White Tuna Plain with No Bread - 1/4 cup per serving - 70 calories/ 1.5g fat/ 1g carbs/ 1.4g protein
  3. Publix Whole Cashews - 1 oz or about 20 nuts per serving - 160 calories/ 13g fat/ 8g carbs/ 5g protein
  4. Voskos Greek Yogurt Parfait (I like Strawberry and Blueberry) nutrition info is for Strawberry - 1 container per serving - 140 calories/ 5g fat/ 22g carbs/ 11g protein
  5. Organic Valley Low Moisture, Part Skim, Stringless Cheese - 1oz stick per serving - 80 calories/ 6g fat/ 0g carbs/ 7g protein
  6. Back to Nature Chocolate Delight Granola - 1/2 cup per serving - 220 calories/ 6g fat/ 37g carbs/ 5g protein
  7. Florida Oranges - 1 orange per serving - 65 calories per serving/ 3g fat/ 16g carbs/ .99g protein
What Works for You?

So there you have it, my 7 snacks to slim. I know some of them are not organic, like the oranges, but with their thick skin that I peel away before eating, I am protected from the pesticides and there are so far, no GMO oranges that I know of here in Florida.  And the Voskos Greek Yogurt is BST, rBGH, and GMO free pus it has live & active probiotic cultures which is great for your immune and digestive systems.  Oh and did I mention the Vosko's package is recylable?

These snacks work for me even though some have a high carb count.  I think I stay thin because I eat throughout the day little bits and stick to my workout schedule. 

Well that's it for this week's Go Green Get Fit Friday - 7 Snacks to Slim update.  Let me know how you are doing with the challenge and what snacks you love to eat in the comments below.  :)

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