Live a Little Monday - Create A Summer of #Doing with bing

Create Your Summer of #Doing with Bing Like We Did
Create A Summer of #Doing with Bing

I received a gift card from Bing for being an influencer on KLOUT along with an invitation to their Do Something Summer.  Each day bing is offering up a word or phrase to inspire us all to live a little in their Summer of #Doing event.  I checked in and found that the phrase of the day was "Food Forwarding" which is all about sustainable food and was perfect because I had been wanting to have an organic pizza party.

We Had Fun Even Though We Didn't Totally Stick to the Rules - Wait, There Are No Rules with bing

I immediately searched bing for ways to make sustainable pizza, shopped for my sustainable and organic ingredients and invited some friends over for a party. My friend, who rarely purchases organic or sustainably, even did her part with some organic and local ingredients for her salad. 

Bing's new and improved search engine made it easy to go local and organic and we even had a little fun with our pizza dough...

The only thing I didn't do was head to our local winery for our wine.  We cheated and had  some of my friend's favorite, non-organic wine but the afternoon was still a blast.

Now It's YOUR Turn to Take Part in The Summer of #Doing with bing

Taking part in the Summer of #Doing means getting some really unexpected ideas for fun and the opportunity to win some great prizes.   Follow along on bing's summer of #doing with people and organizations all over the world, including stars like Nicole Richie and by checking out their daily search phrases at  Then go live a little and get busy #doing something!

Now It's YOUR Turn to Take Part in The Summer of #Doing with bing - click now

Live a Little with Us!

Live a Little with Us!
Each week I link up in the Live a Little Monday with my friend Katja and her Skimbaco community.  We offer up ideas on finding fulfillment in life, right now, through the little things and not so little things to make the most out of each and every day.  It's just one of the fun ways we celebrate finding the treasure in self, people and planet here at EB each week.  

Do you have a blog? We would love to have you link up and join us in this Live a Little weekly blog hop. It's really easy.  Sometime this week, write a post with tips about how you Live a Little then link up using the Linky below and get the code yourself to put on your blog.   If you would like to add a Live a Little banner, you can find those here.

P.S.- People always ask me where I get my organic food and personal care products and I love to tell them about The Green PolkaDot Box! Backed by the Organic Consumer's Association and, you can easily buy NonGMO organic groceries, including Harvest Fresh Organic produce, at wholesale pricing online.  It's like a Sam's club but focused on products for green, healthy living! You can even shop by dietary restrictions like gluten free, vegan or diabetic and it all comes right to your front door. Enjoy!

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