No Go Green Get Fit Friday Update Today! Kinda

My view from our balcony as I have worked

I have been on vacation all week in Longboat Key, Florida but my famly would strongly disagree with that statement.  I have never gotten more crap from them ever for having to work.  You see in my business, the Internet never sleeps and it's mot like I can just tell clients, "Well sorry but your social media will have to take a nose dive this week while I rejuvenate."  The funny thing is, that in the past when my hubby has had to work on vacations, that was all fine and dandy but when mom works well there is just soemthing wrong with that.

I say BS.  It's not like I have not had fun and had some relaxing down time but if they are just going to sit on their rear ends and watch mindless drivel on the TV, I am popping on the computer.  Geez!  Am I missing something? 

We have gone on the boat, hung out at the beach, eaten way too much food (I know I have gained a few pounds) and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico at our favorite resort.  I have even kept up with my workout schedule and my 6 yr old di a workout with me which is always a great.  I love working out here with the sound of the ocean playing as music in the background. 

But they all left me today to go fishing early this morning which is not my favorite activity. I heard they have caught a couple of sharks but they are still not back.  They have been gone all day and I am kind of getting bummed to be here working by myself for 8 hours even if the view is great. 

So I am going to do a quick workout and then turn off my work for the entire weekend...kinda.

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