Go Green Get Fit Friday Update - 10 Steps to a Positive Body Image

A big thank you goes to Families Getting Fit for sharing this
What Does Your Body Image Say to You?

This week's Go Green Get Fit Friday Update is all about positive body image. What does yours say?  Mine says, "Hey you might not be perfect, but you are kickin' it nonetheless!"  I work out, I eat right - most of the time - but most of all, I try to look at this 43 year old body, with all of its flaws and love myself. What does your body image say to you?

I Say Do The Best You Can Do and Accept Yourself

There is no greater gift you can give yourself, or your children, than to love yourself.

Although it has always been a struggle for me to accept my body shape - big booty and little bitty chest - I stand tall and proud and work with what God gave me!  I am not saying that at some point I may opt for that boob job I have been talking about for 20 years, but for now, acceptance of who I am and where I am is fastest way to  a positive  body image.

It's Really About What's on the Inside That Counts

Work out, be healthy and give yourself a pat on the back because no matter what,  it is not the way we look on the outside that speaks for who we are.  Emanate love from within and you will say to the world, "I am, somebody!"

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