Want to Be Green and Save Green While Shopping? Here's How!

Want to Be Green and Save Green While Shopping?  It's Easy to Do and Here's How!

The other day, my friend Kim, with Gluten Free Booty, told me BIG LOTS had some of my favorite Paul Newman chocolate cookies for half what I have paid at Publix.  I don't frequent BIG LOTS because it is a little out of my way and I usually get all of my wholesale organic foods at Green PolkaDot Box, but I made a special trip just to see what the deal was with the organic cookies.
Guess what?  I didn't find the organic cookies, as the sweet sales lady said they sold out fast, but I did find a ton of items to help you live a greener, safer, less toxic lifestyle on the cheap.

Green Living Items You Need at Rock Bottom Prices at BIG LOTS!

I have been looking for an organic mattress pad for my daughter as I will not have one doused in carcinogenic, flame retardants on her bed.  I almost fell over at BIG LOTS when I found one for under $25!  I also saw organic instant oatmeal and toaster pastries (yes I have a sweet tooth but at least it is green!) from Nature's Path for next to nothing.  The kicker was when I saw Martha Stewart's line of green cleaning supplies for a buck each. 

You CAN Be Green On the Cheap If You Want To

So I don't want to hear you grumbling anymore about how it is tough to live green on a budget.  It can be done.  All you need is the desire and understanding that as long as you are shopping for deals, you might as well shop for deals to help you be green.  It doesn't matter where you are shopping, from BIG LOTS to Green PolkaDot Box, the green deals are just waiting for you to find them.  All it takes is remembering to look.

P.S.- People always ask me where I get my organic food and personal care products and I love to tell them about The Green PolkaDot Box! Backed by the Organic Consumer's Association and EnvironmentalBooty.com, you can easily buy NonGMO organic groceries, including Harvest Fresh Organic produce, at wholesale pricing online.  It's like a Sam's club but focused on products for green, healthy living! You can even shop by dietary restrictions like gluten free, vegan or diabetic and it all comes right to your front door. Enjoy!

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