Live a Little - Educate Yourself on Green: Why Reuse a Cup Infographic

My Lex and HJ on their first day of 2012-13 school yr
My Lex and HJ on their first day of 2012-13 school yr
Do You Stop Learning When You Leave School?  

All three of my girls are back to school and I, along with millions of other moms and dads out there, am breathing a collective sigh of relief.  If you listen you can hear it. It is the sound of structure for the kids and a home office for me free of Barbies and dancing and hula-hoop hooping and noisy iPad apps that miraculously generate their own charges on my iTunes account.  It is the sound of silence and I am loving it.

I also love that just because we aren't kids in school anymore, that doesn't mean that we can't keep learning and educating ourselves.  Right?

My Reece after her first day of 2012-13 school year  not wanting me to take her picture.  LOL
My Reece after her first day of 2012-13 school year
not wanting me to take her picture.  LOL

What Are Your Reasons To Continue Your Education

There aren't too many days that go by when we don't learn something new just in the normal day to day people we encounter and the experiences we have.  And I, for one, hope I never stop learning and educating myself on everything I can possibly expose myself to.  I never want to become one of those people who thinks they know it all or worse yet, are too busy, tired or depressed to care about learning anything new.

Here's a Little Green Education for Your Takeaway Today

Obviously I am into educating folks on how to be green and today I am going to teach green in graphics.  I am CMO for Factory Direct Promos and I really love working with them because we work together to spread the green message.  Factory Direct Promos creates customized,  eco-friendly solutions to the traditional promotional products which can harm the planet.  

Factory Direct Promos makes reusable bags from recycled plastic bottles, memorable seed business cards that sprout into wildflowers, eco drinkware and many other innovative, eco-friendly promotional items businesses, associations, non-profits and schools should use.  Their client list includes Home Depot, The Salvation Army and Marriott among many others.

Take a look below and tell me if you don't feel smarter about how to be green with just a two minute, eco-friendly Infograohic lesson called "Why Reuse a Cup?"  Share on Facebook and Twitter and click the image and you can help us spread the green ed by copying the code onto your company or personal blog or website!  I want the fast food restaurants of the world to hear this message because it is pathetic that they are contributing to this mess when they could be leading the way to a more sustainable tomorrow!

Click image to see a larger versionWhy Reuse a Cup?
Why Reuse a Cup? via Reusable Bags - Factory Direct Promos

Live a Little with Us!
Live a Little with Us!
Each week I link up in the Live a Little Monday with my friend Katja and her Skimbaco community.  We offer up ideas on finding fulfillment in life, right now, through the little things and not so little things to make the most out of each and every day.  It's just one of the fun ways we celebrate finding the treasure in self, people and planet here at EB each week.  

Do you have a blog? We would love to have you link up and join us in this Live a Little weekly blog hop. It's really easy.  Sometime this week, write a post with tips about how you Live a Little then link up using the Linky below and get the code yourself to put on your blog.   If you would like to add a Live a Little banner, you can find those here.

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