Live a Little - Why Girls of All Ages Should Believe in Happy Ever After

Does Happily Ever After Exist?

When you were a little girl, did you dream about your happily ever after?  At this point in your life, have you given up on happily ever after?  Have you decided that Prince Charming, two kids and a castle is a figment of our imagination created only by dreams of a child and it is a waste of time?  

What Was Your Happily Ever After?

Little girls hold dreams close to their hearts about their perfect happily ever after and unfortunately when they grow up, they have a hard time letting go of those childish dreams.  Life has a way of turning out differently than you may have thought doesn't it?  Or maybe, for those select few out there, their lives are as perfect as they seem from the outside looking in? 

I think not.

I think everyone has dreams left unfulfilled, passions better left buried or a Prince Charming who never showed up at their front door.  Yet the full capacity to live one's dream of a happily ever after is all about acceptance and realization - accepting where your dreams are taking you today and realizing that no one lives the happily ever dreams created in the mind of a child.

Life is just not that perfect.

Where Are Your Dreams Taking You Today?

Part of living your life to its fullest is about letting go of a little girl's dream of the future, and holding firmly to the "dreams" of the present as the woman you have become.  Our little girl dreams have a place in the progression of our lives, but to truly feel alive, we must hold tight to the reality of the moment we are living in...with or without Prince Charming, two kids and a castle.

Happily Ever After is Now, Cherish and Thrive In It

The dreams of the woman you have become can define you and allow you to live more fully than you ever thought possible, but dreams cannot surpass the beauty of the gift we have been given for the happily ever after of now.

Never make the mistake of thinking that your little girl, happily ever after dreams of the future will surpass the fulfillment of now.  Do so and you run the risk of missing the unlimited possibilities of the life that is right in front of you - because happily ever after is now. 

No matter where your happily ever after finds you today, accept that "now" is the fulfillment of all you have gone through to get to this moment and resolve to cherish it.  It is a shame to waste this one life you are living by doing anything other than thriving in the happily ever after of now.  Don't let it slip away.
Live a Little with Us!
Want to Live a Little with Us!
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