Stolen Future: How Lead Poisoning is Stealing America's Intelligence

Ever Wonder What is Wrong with Kids Today?

I have posed the question here on this blog many times before and am asking it once again, "What is wrong with our kids today?" Our standing in the world is dropping along with the concentration level, coping skills and intelligence of our children.  Sadly, this time when I ask the question, I feel like I am closer to an answer than ever before.

Our children are being bathed in an abundance of neurologically harmful heavy metals like mercury and lead as well as being immersed in a life full of unsafe consumer products.  When babies are born today, they already have over 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in their umbilical cord blood.  Although we are working hard to create safer laws to combat the problem, I think it is important to be aware of exactly why we are fighting so hard for our children's future.

Let's start with lead.

Lead Poisoning Isn't Just a Low Income Problem

My friend, Tamara Rubin with Lead Safe America Foundation, has opened my eyes to the fact that lead poisoning is not just a problem for people who live in older housing with lead paint, it is a problem for all of us.  Do you know that lead is all around our children from the tile they learn to crawl on to the adorable toddler shoes they learn to walk in to the jewelry that we buy them to the dishes they eat on.  It takes very little lead exposure to permanently damage the cognitive skills of a developing child.

Lead Poisoning is Stealing America's Intelligence

Don't believe it?  See what Ralph Neil Spezio who served for 33 years in the Rochester City School District as teacher, curriculum specialist, vice principal and principal has to say. As principal of Enrico Fermi School No. 17, Mr. Spezio received many awards for entrepreneurial leadership and community service from parent and community groups, professional associations, business associations, and local and state government leaders.

While Spezio was principal of School No.17, he became a founding member of the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning. The work of this coalition recently earned the EPA's Environmental Justice Achievement Award.

His Tedx talk below is well worth listening to.  I surfed the web while I listened and I hope that you will listen too. 

What Can You Do To Prevent Lead Poisoning?
  1. Take your shoes off at home & leave them outside - Taking shoes off outside keeps dirt and toxics out of the home and off of the floor where babies crawl and children play.
  2. Be careful about choosing yard-sale or hand-me-down toys for your children - Many lead recalled toys make it into yard-sales or get passed along as hand-me-downs.  With the wonder of the internet it just takes a moment to look something up online to see if it is safe for your children. Your best bet is to shop for non-toxic toys.
  3. Unless you have a food-grade/marine hose, don’t let your children drink from the hose - Although it is hard to believe, many modern hoses contain lead to make the plastic of the hose durable and supple.  Lead from the hose or the brass nozzle at the end can leech into the water and can be dangerous for your children.   
For more tips and information, please visit Tamara's site, My Children Have Lead Poisoning, Do Yours? America's Dirty Little Secret.

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