Here's How to Get Your Kids Involved in Going Green and Win Awesome Prizes from Team Energy Star

My daughter made a movie to convince people to save energy.  What will your child do?
Energy Star Wants Your Child to Get Creative, Have Fun Going Green and Speak for the Planet Like The Lorax To Win Prizes

So you are on board with going green and you try hard to get your kids involved right?  But if your kids are anything like mine, you have realized that you need to make going green interesting or they, well, lose interest.  Our friends at Team Energy Star have cooked up a really great way to get your kids interested in going green while, at the same time, allowing them to use their creative side and channel The Lorax to win prizes they will always remember were earned by going green to save energy.

Team Energy Star Is Making It Easy For Your Kids To Be Energy Star Winners Just Like The Lorax

Your kids can earn prizes and recognition by just sharing their story, just like The Lorax did, about the importance of saving energy. Your kiddo can make a video, an essay, a poem or use any other creative way they like to express their commitment to going green through saving energy.

This is my 12 year old's eco-friendly submission...

After your child creates their story, they can head to the Share Your Story page and upload their submission as well as their picture wearing the Lorax Mustache.

I  must admit that I think Lexie enjoyed becoming the Lorax as much as making her movie!

After your child submits their story, be sure to follow the prompts and click on the DoSomething Team ENERGY STAR Challenge and they will immediately become eligible for cool prizes, including:
  • The new Lorax DVD, which will go to the first 100 kids to submit essays
  • 25 winners will receive ENERGY STAR qualified electronics products donated by LG Electronics, including computer monitors and televisions, smart phones, and mouse scanners
  • Top winners will also be featured in New York's Times Square on the LG billboard.
  • Some of the winners may have a chance to participate in ENERGY STAR day in October with EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. 
Why Wouldn't Your Kiddo Want to Take Part?

My daughter and I, and even her two sisters, really had fun taking part in the Team Energy Star Share Your Story contest.  Sure it took finding some time in our hectic lives that was certainly hard to find.  But it brought us all together to go green, created some fun memories with my girls and gave my Lexie one more reason to feel good about herself. 

What are you waiting for?  Get your kids to get creative and channel The Lorax to spread the go green message.  You never know, it just might be your kid's face you see smiling back at you in Times Square...Lorax mustache and all.

It's okay, I know you want to try it on too. :
Check out the Big Green Purse Team Energy Star Blog Carnival with more ideas from kids on how to save energy like the Lorax!

Update: Lexie won!!

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