How to Be Green? Keep Calm and Refill On with AusPens!

Keep Calm and Refill On with Non Toxic AusPens!

My kids love to draw on our two white boards with dry erase markers but the smell is horrible and literally gives us all headaches.  It's time to ditch the smelly markers for something far better and far more eco-friendly.  It's time to keep calm and refill on with non-toxic AusPens made with recycled materials!

Reach For An AusPen Refillable Non-Toxic Marker and Live Greener
At .30 cents per marker they beat the pants off the price of Sharpie markers

I have been a fan of Auspens for almost four years and I am going to let you in on a little secret, I have never even tried them myself before last week.  After using them, I am a fan for life but unfortunately I don't think the ladies at Eco-Smart World who sent me the AusPens are going to make any money off of me.  I cannot see myself needing to buy more markers for quite a while.

You see AusPens, in addition to being virtually smell free and made with recycled materials, are refillable and you only need about 20 drops to refresh your marker back to just like brand new!  Think of all of the dry erase markers that would stay out of the landfill if every school and business used AusPens instead of traditional dry erase markers and reduced our waste? 

Save Money, Save Our Landfills, Save Your Health?  What's NOT to Love?
If I can easily refill AusPens without making a mess, anyone can!
Because I am sold on AusPens and so is my family,  I will be phasing out the use of those awful smelling, traditional dry erase markers in our home.  I must say I am pretty excited about saving money and our landfills by refilling. I only wish all schools and businesses would get on board and do the same. The savings is enormous as AusPens last so long!!

Head to EcoSmart World with me and keep calm and refill on! 

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