5 Facts About Fluoride You Should Know

Do We Really Need Fluoride?

My kids have been fluoride free for over three years.  No fluoride in their toothpaste, no fluoride treatments at the dentist and since we are on well water, no fluoride in their water. And guess what?  Not one of my three daughters have had any cavities in the three years since they have been off of fluoride.

When I first started looking into fluoride, I thought the negative information I was uncovering was somehow untrue and was just fear mongering.  What I discovered was that the benefits were non existent and the detrimental affects of using fluoride, were enough to convince me that the best thing for my children was to remove fluoride from their lives.

5 Facts About Fluoride You NEED to Know

No matter which scientific studies you examine, the only rational conclusion you can come to is that fluoride's health dangers far outweigh the marginal dental benefits it might offer. The science is clear about the following:
  • Fluoride is a cumulative poison that has been proven to cause wide-ranging, serious health problems, such as damage to your bones, brain and endocrine system.
  • Fluoride exposure comes from tap water, most toothpaste and many antibiotics, including ones given to farm animals. There is a large variation in exposure levels, making it impossible to accurately predict these variables for any person, family or community.
  • Fluoride exposure for many can easily reach toxic levels. For example, poison control should be called if you swallow a quarter milligram of fluoride from toothpaste. Meanwhile just ONE glass of water can contain this amount of fluoride.  Does that make sense to you?
  • Fluoride is a toxic industrial waste product that is a poison to your body and is in no way a "nutrient," offering no benefits at all to the human body. The fluoride added to water supplies can be contaminated with lead, arsenic, radionucleotides, aluminum and other industrial contaminants. Additionally, the fluoride added to municipal water supplies is not pharmaceutical grade. Many municipalities are removing fluoride from their water supply for the safety of their constituents.
  • Dental caries can be prevented with means other than fluoridation, thereby avoiding the adverse effects of fluoride.  
Another Reason We Need Safer Chemicals!
Wouldn't it be awesome to know that consumer products like toothpaste that are made in the USA are safe?  This illustrates just one more reason to get on board and support the Safe Chemicals Act.  Head over to the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families website and join their mailing list to stay up to date on what YOU can do to help create a healthier tomorrow for not only your family, but all consumers as well.

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Source: Fluoridegate: Water Fluoridation Affects Children's Health

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