Coming Out of The Closet

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I find it funny how everybody always assumes I am liberal because I work in the green space online and off.  Well today, I am coming out of the closet.

I was raised by two exceedingly liberal parents who these days. no longer consider themselves Dems.  As far as I am concerned, although I am a registered Democrat, I don't consider myself to be an Independent, Democrat or Republican.

One thing I know for sure though is that we all need to stop bashing and judging each other for our political views, and start looking at each other as the brothers and sisters that we are.  That said, we also need to do all we can to help businesses and business leaders succeed because like it or not, they are the ones that employ people right?

Support Business Leaders In Their Quest for Safer Chemicals

If you have followed this blog for any time at all, you know that one of my missions is to help get the Safe Chemicals Act passed to insure a safer future for us all.  It's a no brainer that the environmentalists and Democrats are on our side right?

Yet what you may not know is that the majority of business owners I come into contact with here in Florida, and yes even staunch Republicans, want the exact same thing.  They want protection for not only their families and consumers alike, but also for their bottom line.  Creating consumer goods that are potentially unsafe, is not their idea of good business and they want the Safe Chemicals Act passed.
"Leading companies from electronics manufacturers to health care providers are highly motivated to identify and use safer alternatives to toxic chemicals. Today’s business leaders are concerned about the health and business impacts that could arise if the products they use or sell contain toxic chemicals. They recognize that safer chemicals protect human and environmental health and cut the costs of regulation, hazardous waste storage and disposal, worker protection, and future liabilities. Such steps also offer new business opportunities, by making U.S. businesses more competitive in a global marketplace and creating new jobs." - The Business Case for Comprehensive TCSA Reform

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

I think it's high time that we all start to look beneath the surface of our perceptions of one another based on stereotypes, and get to know what is in the hearts and minds of those around us.  We just might find that we are, in fact, much closer to one another's ideologies than we once may have thought. 

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