How to Be Green? Start a Bag Ban in Your Hometown!

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Do single use plastic bags get a bad rap? via Factory Direct Promos - Reusable Bags

Want to Go Green in a Big Way?  Start a Bag Ban in Your Hometown!

Who would have thought that a little single use plastic bag would cause so many problems?  From clogging drains and causing flooding and resulting deaths, to getting into our food chain, single use plastic bags are not only a waste of resources, they are detrimental to our health and the health of our environment.  If you are looking for a way to be green, starting a bag ban in your hometown could make an impact felt far beyond your community. 

As you can see from this interactive map from Factory Direct Promos, bag bans are catching on all over the world and you can help your city add a pin to the map too!

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Get Your Bag Ban Started Today

  1. Lay the Groundwork for a Successful Bag Ban - First you need to identify why you want to start a plastic bag ban and build your campaign around it. Do you want to reduce litter in your community, save a local waterway, keep animals and their habitats safe or is something else your impetus? There are lots of reasons to implement a ban, but it is important to determine what the reason is that makes sense for your hometown. When you understand the “why” behind the ban, you can create a meaningful campaign and tell everyone from residents and neighbors to businesses and politicians why a bag ban is a good fit.
  2.  Distribute Information - Obviously social media is a great way to reach out to people and distribute information but remember that there is nothing like beating the pavement to make an impact. You can give real time updates to keep people in the know on a website, blog or fan page you create like the eco-duo of Beth and Julie did in Philly and don’t overlook your local news media to get the word out and to educate people about the problems caused by disposable plastic bags. A lot of people use Facebook and Twitter, but you don’t want to create an information void by not reaching folks who do not participate on social media sites. Make sure to spell out the problems disposable plastic bags are responsible for and explain how a ban will solve these problems. It is also important to explain to all of the people in the community how to develop a habit of bringing their own reusable grocery bags and how to properly care for reusable bags.
  3. Create a Plan of Action and Make Friends in High Places- It’s key to research the laws and regulations in your area because you need to be aware of existing regulations that can have an impact on a possible bag ban.  You need to make sure your proposed law fits within any existing boundaries. Also, make sure to take care of any necessary first steps like conducting an Environmental Impact Review (EIR) or leaving the topic open to public discussion. By learning what you can and cannot do, or what you need to do before a bag ban can be implemented, you will make sure to get off to a good start and tailor your ban to your local laws and regulations. And don't forget to get a city council member or the mayor herself on board with your plan.  It is imperative to get those in power, on your side.
Good luck and keep me posted on your progress!

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