FREE Recipe to Make Violet Flower Candy with Your Kids and More Freebie Fun from Herb Fairies

Here's Some More Free Fun for You and Your Kiddos with Herb Fairies

If you missed my post on Tuesday about Herb Fairies from Learning Herbs, get caught up and then print your free Herb Fairies Activity Pack. Then check out the video below on how to make violet flower candy and click here to download the recipe. 

I am really falling in love with Herb Fairies because it is such a nice thing to share with my kids. 

My Hayden-Jay has gone crazy for Violet (find out how to print the Violet coloring pages below) and we are heading to the store this weekend to pick up some violet flowers and seeds to plant them in the yard. I really love the Herb Fairies and don't forget, there are boy fairies too but remember, they only come around two weeks a year so don't wait to get your freebies as all links will disappear along with the fairies in another week. :)

Be Sure to Print Out the Violet Fairy...

Click above or HERE and then click the "Fairy Film Festival" link for the download.

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