My Red Carpet Review of EPIC - Colin Farrell and Chris Wedge Talk About Eco Message of The Movie

My Epic, Red Carpet, Movie Review and Interview with Colin Farrell and Chris Wedge 

Thanks to the folks at Energy Star, I had the extreme pleasure of traveling to NYC with my 7 year old daughter, Hayden-Jay and walking the red carpet at the world premier of Epic the Movie.

There was so much excitement and fun that went along with the movie premier but one of the highlights for me was getting to interview some of the stars of the movie including: Colin Farrell (voice of Ronin), Aziz Ansari (voice of Mub), Chris O'Dowd (voice of Grub), Amanda Seyfried (voice of Mary Katherine (M.K.)), and Director Chris Wedge.

Epic is Not Your Every Day Kid's Movie

From the very first scene of Epic the movie, I could tell that it was something different.  Throughout the entire movie, I just kept thinking to myself that the 3D imagery was so beautiful. That beautiful imagery, mixed with the soundtrack and many surprising action sequences, makes Epic the perfect, can't miss, family movie.

We walked the red carpet which turned out to be green ;)

Colin Farrell and Chris Wedge Talk About Eco Message of EPIC

I asked Colin Farrell, Chris Wedge and Amanda Seyfried about their thoughts on the environemntal message to the movie.  Unfortunately, another blogger interrupted with her question before Amanda was able to answer.

The Snail and Slug Stole the Show

Aziz Ansari (voice of Mub) who signed on right away to be a part of the movie and Chris O'Dowd (voice of Grub) who wasn't sure about doing an animated film at first, absolutely stole the show with their adorable comedy and stellar chemistry as the snail and the slug.

Chris O'Dowd (voice of Grub) and Aziz Ansari (voice of Mub)

As Aziz said, he loved the idea of his character having so much confidence as to think that he could have a chance with a girl like MK.  Watch the movie and tell me if Mub's confidence is not endearing and that Grub does not have his heart in the right place to become your favorite stars in the show?

So What Didn't Shine in Epic the Movie?

The one disappointment for me in the entire movie was BeyoncĂ© Knowles as Queen Tara. Her performance fell a bit flat as her voice was about as intriguing as listening to a metronome.  Her star certainly did not shine brightly in this movie.

Team Energy Star shined

That said, Epic is the perfect family movie for every age and most certainly worth the price of admission...but how would you like to win some free tickets?

How to Get Your Free Tickets to Epic

Be sure to get caught up and read my post from a couple of weeks ago about the Team Energy Star challenge and their current partnership with 20th Century Fox and LG Electronics.  You can win your own tickets to see EPIC!! 

How to Win Your Own Tickets to EPIC!

The first 200 families to submit an energy-saving story will receive 2 tickets each to see EPIC, courtesy of Fox. Kids will also get the chance to earn some great prizes from LG Electronics USA and maybe even see their name in lights in Times Square just like my daughter did! 

Take my Advice and Don't Miss This Family Film

You so need to take my advice and make time to see Epic.  You certainly will not be sorry and you will certainly be giving your kids one more reason to connect with nature and with you.

My Hayden-Jay is still talking about Epic

As Collin Ferrell told me, "...if anyone can come out of this with a moment's more pause for thought than they would have had before it or if kids want to go out and pick up a rock and see what lies underneath it and put the iPad down for five minutes, happy days, you know?"

Yeah, Collin, I know.

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