Can You Give Me An Awesome Gift For my 45th Birthday? Tell the Top 10 Retailers to Mind the Store!!

I asked target to Mind the Store!  Join me!

Join In The Fight For Safer Chemicals in Our Top 10 US Retailers!

You might remember that I wrote about my visit to Target asking them to Mind the Store a few weeks back. Well in response to my article and those of my fellow bloggers and tons of you out there, we have had over 50,000 people sign the letter to the top 10 US retailers asking them to Mind the Store.  We want to know that there is someone at the helm of these most awesome stores that is making sure the Hazardous 100+ chemicals are not on our everyday products!!
"We've seen the power of retailers to change the marketplace," says Andy Igrejas of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families - USA Today
Well the push is on to change the marketplace for all consumers for the sake of our health!  Those of you who have yet to sign the letter, have only a few days left to make our voice heard. And since today is my birthday, it would really make the best birthday gift ever if you could sign and share!!
Retailers Want to Do Good They Just Need to Know It Matters to YOU!

I truly believe that these top 10 retailers want to do good by consumers but they need to know that you do not want them selling products with the Hazardous 100+.  Scientists have established links between exposures to many of these chemicals and chronic diseases and health conditions, including cancer, infertility, learning and developmental disabilities, behavioral problems, obesity, diabetes, and asthma. Adding your voice to the letter will help solidify the message that they can do better and we are behind their efforts.

Get over there now and add your name if you haven't already because it literally takes a minute.

I even headed to my local Target to ask them to Mind the Store...

How My Visit to Target Went...

I was actually really happy to talk with my local Target store manager "R" - he asked that I not use his real name - because he went above and beyond and gave me the number to Target media relations as he said, "There really isn't anything I can do at this level."  Funny as he was saying that, I was thinking to myself just how much there is we can all do right in our own backyard.

The Deadline is Quickly Approaching - Recruit Your Friends!

The upcoming June 1 deadline is an important milestone where we can begin to sift out which retailers are dedicated to their customers so please let your stores know you are serious about tackling toxic chemicals by adding your name and recruiting your friends!

We’re fighting for a two-prong solution: pushing Congress to update our antiquated chemical laws and pressuring retailers to share in this responsibility.

Ask three of your friends today to take action, help us show retailers how important it is that they Mind the Store!

Click here to sign your name to the SCHF letter to the big ten to “Mind the Store” and show your support for safe products!
Take action and sign on to our letter today – with one click you can send your message to the big ten – it’s time to “Mind the Store!”

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