How Ford is Pushing The Green Envelope with Fusion and Recycled Materials

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Serious Sustainability in A Seriously Hot Green Ride: Fusion Takes Ford’s Use of Recycled Material Global

    •    With the hottest green car on the market, 2013 Fusion, Ford becomes first automaker to use fabrics made of recycled materials in vehicles sold around the world

Have you seen a ton of Ford Fusions out and about in your town lately?  They seem to be the "it" car of the moment and for good reason.  Ford Fusion is the first global vehicle program from any automaker to use seat fabric made from recycled material, with the potential to recycle enough plastic bottles and post-industrial waste to make 1.5 million yards of fabric annually. That’s equivalent to between 800,000 and 900,000 yards in North America when Fusion is in full production.

I have continually been impressed with Ford's top down commitment to the environment coming all the way from Bill Ford down to each engineer and beyond. For Ford, Fusion is the latest example of the their commitment to use recycled material whenever possible. In North America, for instance, Ford has increased use of recycled yarns from zero in 2007 to nearly 66 percent of vehicle programs for 2013.

“The fabric being used in Fusion truly illustrates Ford’s commitment to sustainability, regardless of any geographical borders,” says Robert Brown, vice president, sustainability, environment and safety engineering. “Anytime we can connect our supply and suppliers with sustainability, we’re headed in the right direction on our commitment to help better the world.”

Ford’s use of sustainable fabrics is growing as the company continues adding global vehicle programs, implementing sustainable material standards on new vehicles, and identifying quality global recycled yarn suppliers, says Carol Kordich, Ford lead designer of sustainable materials. Just as they told me when I was at Ford a year ago, she says the idea is to one day have all Ford fabrics consist of recycled material. 

The global launch of the all-new Fusion (known as Mondeo in Europe and Asia Pacific) shows the goal is attainable and that Ford is all-in on an eco-conscious way of doing business.

More information about Ford’s green-related efforts can be found here.

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