How To Be Green and Sustainably Clean?

How To Be Green? Surf Over and Buy Yourself a Couple of My Favorite Eco-Friendly Consumer Find...

I'm no fan of infomercials, or TV for that matter, but I have in fact seen the below clip for Green Glider Mop Pads on TV and pretty much flipped right past with only a hint of regret. Lucky for me, my girl Adryenn Ashley knows I am a greenie and had her friend Tanya Lewis, the inventor of the Green Glider Mop Pad, send me some samples of what has become my new favorite green consumer find.

Why You Will Love Green Gliders Too

I have always hated spending money on those mop pad refills and worse yet, each time we toss one in the trash- and usually it is a couple used at each cleaning - it irks me to know I am sending more trash to the landfill.  I have tried everything I could think of to make my own pads but they always fall off or are totally non-absorbent.

Green Glider Mop Pads are made perfectly to stay on tightly and they are so incredibly absorbent.  Plus, the expensive refill pads you buy at the store, don't scrub the floor at all.  The Green Glider is built to last and cleans tough, stuck on filth so you don't have to make an extra effort to get down on your hands and knees and scrub. When we are done with a Green Glider Mop Pad, it goes right into the washer (the dryer is a no no), gets put it in the sun to dry, and it is ready to go the next time we need it.

I suggest picking up at least two Green Glider Mop Pads and buying some for your friends and family as well. I really love Green Glider Mop Pads and I love the fact that Tanya makes it so easy for consumers to go green. Just think of the impact we could make if the entire country went green with Green Gliders???

You can buy your Green Gliders on Tanya's site and be sure to hook up with her on the Green Glider Facebook Fan Page

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