Nutrition Goes Google with Handy Voice Search App

Nutrition Info on the Go with Google Voice App

Ever have a moment when you just know that popcorn you want at the movies is loaded with all of the bad things you don't need but you convince yourself it won't matter just this once?  Wouldn't it help if you had an easy way to get verification that there are 31 calories in a cup of popcorn and that there is more than a days worth of calories from fat in movie theater popcorn?

I just downloaded the Google Search App for my iPhone which is also available on Android, iPad and Windows 8 and I'm already loving it for my tons of nutrition questions I find myself asking myself throughout the day.  Not all answers come in voice but you can ask all questions via voice which makes it really handy.

The other day I was chowing down on hummus and peppers and wondered if I was blowing my calories for hte day so I asked how many carbs in hummus and got my answer as my phone told me (and the voice does not sound like Suri) 2.1 grams in one tablespoon.

I love it and I bet you will too.  Very cool Google.

What apps have you found helpful to stay healthy?

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