How to Be Green? Get Top Dollar for E-Cycling Your Mobile Phone

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Looking for Ways to Go Green? E-Cycling Makes a Difference and Puts Money in Your Pocket

According to the EPA, a great deal of what is labeled as “e-waste” is actually not waste at all. Actually most of the e-waste is  electronic parts or equipment that could be easily marketed for reuse or recycled for materials recovery. For example, in 2009, only 25 percent of TVs, computers, and cell phones that were ready for end-of-life management were actually collected for recycling. Cell phones were recycled at a rate of approximately 8 percent. Isn't that pitiful?  We can do better than that right and maybe benefit ourselves too?

There are always ways that consumers can go green, protect the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and at the same time benefit our bottom line. Here's one way that I love.

Why Is It Important to Recycle E-Waste?

It is important to keep used electronics out of landfills to recover valuable materials as well as to reduce the environmental impacts and energy demands from mining and manufacturing. Electronics are made from valuable resources like copper, precious metals,and engineered plastics, all of which require considerable energy to process and manufacture.

Recycling electronics recovers these valuable materials and as a result, when we e-cycle, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, reduce pollution, and save resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.

Some E-Cycle Stats to You Need to Know

    •    In just one year in the US, recycling 1 million laptops saves enough energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 homes.
    •    One metric ton of circuit boards can contain 40 to 800 times the amount of gold and 30 to 40 times the amount of copper mined from one metric ton of ore in the US.

It Just Makes No Sense to Waste These Valuable Resources Right? So What Can You Do?

If you want to really make an eco-impact on the environment and our resources, as well as make a buck or two, it's time to check out mobile phone recycling at Top Dollar Mobile.

It's easy and it isn't such a bad thing to get rid of your e-waste while putting a bit of cash in your pocket right?  I always love to share great, green resources and Top Dollar Mobile is yet another organization that is working toward helping consumers find ways to live greener, more sustainable lives.

Top Dollar Mobile is operated by GY Telecom Pty Ltd.  and is a part of a global group of companies which are the leading force in the world of the mobile phone recycling and re-use market.  There are so many e-cyclers out there for your cell phone and it is nice to know you can count on Top Dollar Mobile. 

They have been working diligently in the e-recycling segment of the industry for over 16 years and their well-established, extensive worldwide sales and distribution networking has driven them to the top of the heap. What this means to consumers is that they can offer the most competitive price for your cell phone while protecting the environment and our valuable resources. 

And here's a hint for you business owners out there looking for ways to go green, if you provide your employees with cell phones and it's time to upgrade, don't toss the phones, e-cycle. 

Check it out and get top dollar for your old cell phone!

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