Sex, Social Media and Other Sh@%

Don't Call Me Crazy, I am Just Amazing...and By The Way, So Are YOU

I have never been one of those bloggers to lay it all on the line and get all personal.  A few things here and there and a few flirtations with my dark, funny, wacky, past, present, and future thoughts get dropped in between the lines but lately, I have been feeling pretty out there and I must say, today is going to be a diversion from the status quo. I am ready to share a bit more about social media and other stuff so if that interests you, stick around and we will get to know each other a little better.


I am not getting any younger and you know what? I am really liking what I am seeing in the over 50 set. Living a healthy lifestyle seems to be a good way to look darn good after 50 and I am working on it. Are you?

You have to check out this list of 21 sexiest guys over 50 who are hot bc I think they missed the mark on a few of these. Like where is my favorite actor, RD Jr.?

Social Media

Does your phone ever stop dinging bc it seems like mine doesn't and it is so many times not the right person. I get over 300 emails a day, yes a lot of it is spam, and it seems like a total time suck right?

Well don't get lulled into thinking that social media is a time suck too. It is a valuable marketing tool and one that every brand should be exploring...just don't do it drunk...

Addv DrunkSocialMedia 685x1712 500x1249 Dont Drink And Drive In Social Media (Infographic)

This was so funny I had to share it for a couple of reasons. First, it made me laugh my ass off and the second is because it is a perfect illustration of what to do and NOT do with an infographic. The title is one that is hard to surf away from but their one mistake was not making it easy to share on blogs. They should have added the code under the image to make it easy to share. Folks are sharing on social and that is so hot but it would be better to make it super easy to share at the source.

I picked up the code by doing a little hacking magic but not every blogger is that tech savvy. Anyway, you must check out the article that accompanied it by fellow CMO, Igor Beuker who picked it up from Addvocate. And again, dudes, if you are making an infographic, give it legs like this.

Other Sh@#

So I ask you today,  what is important to you?








the past

the future?

Where are you headed? If it isn't where you want to go, stop, and turn around.  Life is too short so don't wait. Be happy. Be healthy. Be all that you were meant to be. XO

Peace, love and social - 

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