What is The Best Way to Clean Fruit and Vegetables? This Is The Easiest, Safest, and Greenest Way to Clean Vegetables!

This Is The Easiest, Safest, and Greenest Way to Clean Vegetables

You know I am all about sharing great tips on how you can reduce chemicals in your life from the foods we eat to the products we buy. I am always getting great tips from friends and online and this tip came from one of my 17 year old daughter's friends. I love that our tomorrow generation is looking for ways to live greener and I had to share this tip she found from the sustainable directory, Farmers Pal.

Although I hate the smell of vinegar, this tip leaves my fruits and veggies clean and actually has helped keep my berries from molding. 

Here's How to Clean Your Fruit and Vegetables Quickly and Safely On The Cheap

Just fill your sink or a large pot with water and a cup of vinegar (you can use a little less vinegar depending on the amount of fruits or vegetables you need to clean) and gently stir them around a bit. Then just let them sit in the water and vinegar for about 10 minutes, rinse, and you are all done. No more dirt, wax, or residue. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy green tip for the week. :)

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