What Do You Put In Your Reusable Bag? - Vine Video

What Do You Put in Your Reusable Bag?

by Christina Sidberry, EB Intern

"Paper or plastic?" This phrase, while commonly asked of consumers in the checkout lane, is missing the third, most efficient option, "Reusable?"

When considering the Reusable Bag, it is not uncommon to think that the fastest and easiest route to go is a single use plastic bag. In order to dispel this myth, I created the Vine video "What Do You Put in Your Reusable Bag?" for Factory Direct Promos to show just how important Reusable Bags are.

It is important to realize that Reusable Bags are an easy and safe way to go green. Single-use plastic bags can be ingested and cause entanglement and death for animals, and they add pollution to the environment. Additionally, the production of plastic bags releases petroleum, a green house gas, that aids in propelling Global Warming.  And take a look at THIS ARTICLE about the impact of plastic on our oceans and our food chain and see if you don't think it is time to go reusable.

When posed with the three options for bagging your purchased items, remember, single-use plastic bags are not worth the trouble when Everything Fits in a Reusable Bag!

What's in YOUR reusable bag?


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