How to Change One Light Bulb and Change the World...No Seriously This is Good

Do You Feel Buyer's Remorse with Your Energy Efficient Bulbs? 

Well first you may be wondering if I fell off of the face of the earth as I have not posted since July. YIKES!  I am still around and working on so much that I have let my blogging slide. But no more! The last year has been quite an adventure with finalizing my divorce, becoming a single mom, dating, a new job and my three girls, life is very busy but very very good.

Next, let me just say that I have hated energy efficient light bulbs. I love the idea behind them and they are a necessary part of helping to save energy, but I have a few issues with energy efficient bulbs. See if you can relate?

I won't use CFL's because every time I break one I have to don a hazmat suit to clean it up and the LED bulbs which I love, are so darn expensive that it makes me feel a little upset when they actually don't last for as long as the packaging says they will and to make matters worse, they just don't give off enough good lighting.

Well guess what I just found out? There are actually differences between LED bulbs. Okay so maybe you knew that but I didn't. Plus there is actually a very easy way to tell what the best LED bulbs are to purchase and you are probably already a pro at it.

Just Look for Energy Star Certified LED Bulbs

It really is simple to find the most cost efficient, longest lasting, best lighting LED bulbs on the market IMO, simply by looking for and buying LED bulbs with the Energy Star certified symbol.

And, speaking of Energy Star, if every household replaced just one light bulb with one that has earned the ENERGY STAR certification, we would save enough energy to light three million homes for a whole year. Talk about changing the world? Seriously this is so easy and it's not just the greater good that you will be contributing to.

Easy Tip to Help Change the World and Your Wallet

I obviously want to make a difference in the world but seriously don't we all?  Still, is it so wrong to want to get something out of the deal too?

Heck no!

Well according to Energy Star, a single LED bulb can save $80 in electricity costs over the lifetime of the product. Plus, LED technology is so efficient, one bulb can last as long as 20 years or 25,000 hours. No buyers remorse here.

What do fortune tellers, couch potatoes, and amateur make-up artists have in common? They’re all hopelessly in the dark about the life-changing benefits of LED bulbs – until they learn to look for the ENERGY STAR.

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