How Boyan Slat and His Ocean CleanUp Will Save Our Oceans

Boyan Slat is Cleaning Up Our Oceans...No Kidding

I just saw the below video on LinkedIn from one of my contacts Robert Green (how apropos) and got chills and frankly, I actually got a little choked up. Now my girls will tell you that I get choked up a lot lately and what can I say, I am a 48 year old woman with hot flashes and hormones raging like a teenager (but going in the reverse direction) but this is huge and worth the happy tears.

It seems that a 21 year old man named Boyan Slat has come up with part of the solution to clean up our oceans that is truly incredible. Actually he came up with the idea when he was just 19 and founded the non-profit, The Ocean CleanUp, when he was which has already raised over $2 million.

8 Million Tons of Plastic Each Year

Each year, 8 million tons of plastic find their way into our oceans. We, as consumers and businesses, can do our part to go reusable as much as possible, recycle and never litter but it is simply not enough. This trash in our oceans is always in the back of my mind and breaks my heart for not only our generation but for future generations as well.

Enter Boyan Slat and his non-profit The Ocean CleanUp. Starting in 2020 floating barriers, with nets beneath, will be placed along currents where trash collects. The nets funnel the garbage to a collection point where it will be removed and recycled.

Slat says his plan, which has raised $2.2 million so far, could clean the Pacific Ocean garbage patch in just 20 years.

Bravo Boyan and thank you.


  1. I Norge brukes forskjellige typer bygningsmaterialer avhengig av prosjektets omfang, kravene til bygningsstandarden og den lokale tilgjengeligheten.


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