Orlando Terrorist Attack at Pulse...Get Informed

Pray for Orlando...Pray for The World

I love to dance but I haven't been out dancing in over a year. In Orlando, the best place to dance is Pulse. Pulse is not just a LGBT club, it has a reputation of being a fun and welcoming place to all who want to experience a great night of dancing. For three weeks my boyfriend and I have been talking about going to Pulse. I even told my two besties that we needed to go because it was supposed to be THE place to dance in O-Town.

Last night, after dancing between the tables in between courses at a late dinner, only by chance, my boyfriend and I ended up calling it a night instead of continuing our evening at Pulse. 

What if we had been there? What if you or your loved one had been there? What if they were? What about the beautiful lives lost last night? What about the credible threat to Florida from ISIS? Was there a threat? Why did we not hear about that? Is that even real? Am I supposed to let my daughter go to work today since a State of Emergency has been issued for Orange County Florida where we live? Who do I believe?

Get Informed

My heart is broken for the lives that were lost and for the depth of pain their loved ones are going through. My thanks go out to the Intelligence community, military and all of the law enforcement agencies and officers that work each and every day to protect us.

I won't live afraid and neither will you, but we must each gather as much credible information as we can and be vigilant in protecting ourselves, our families and the world from ISIS. One way we can do that here in the West, is by not being afraid to ask questions and talk with each other about the ideology behind Jihadism. We must protect our Constitution, but we must not live in such a politically correct country that we are silenced by our fear of judgement.


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