8 Marketing Tips to Prep Your Biz for ASTRONOMICAL 2021 Sales- SMS Is Your Easy Marketing Fix to Increase Sales

Guest Post By Reece Smith

Keeping Pace with Change 

In a world that is constantly changing, the way we communicate with each other changes too. Exponentially more now than in the past, these changes are occurring with new apps and devices launching every week. 

One thing that has been consistent is the increasing use of SMS messaging (or short messaging service) to communicate. 

As it is obviously mobile friendly, historically SMS has been used to send quick messages that allow for convenient delivery and response time. 

All your business or brand needs to take advantage of this tool is a prospective or existing customer's phone number and the customer does the rest.  

Of course, email will always hold value in its personalization, professionalism, and ability to segment and target customers. 

But what if I told you that SMS messaging offered all of those benefits and more?

Time Matters in Marketing Messages 

If you want your message read, SMS is integral. In Fact, according to Techjury 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.

Using SMS messaging means that your message most likely won't sit in an inbox for days on end to eventually only end up in your prospect's junk or trash folders. 

Taking advantage of SMS also means that whatever your business or brand is trying to share with your audience is most likely at least being looked at and opened. 

This is huge! 

I'm sure everyone reading is guilty of passing over an email, moving an email to a different folder and then simply forgetting about it or just out-right deleting it. 

SMS Flexibility is Key

Another huge benefit of SMS messaging for your brand is its ability to be flexible and customizable for a cheap price tag. 

Your business is able to use the SMS messages to do so many valuable things. 

Use SMS to guide prospects, customers, or attendees to a website, raise awareness of promotions or announcements, and so much more...the possibilities are endless. 

If you think your business is already getting all you need with an email list, then perhaps SMS isn't for you.

But in this business climate, if you aren't getting that ROI or increase in sales you have been aiming for, perhaps SMS should be on your marketing short list. 

That's a LOT of Text Messages!

While not everyone has a smartphone at their fingertips with internet access, 5 billion people in the world can send and receive SMS messages. 

Techjury has also found that consumers tend to "cash-in" on coupons and discounts 10 times more when it is delivered via SMS!

While many decisions during 2020 might not have been easy to make, this is one that should be quick and easy. Investing a little time and research into adding SMS messaging to your marketing will benefit your business. 

The benefits of SMS messaging are seemingly endless and become more and more evident to us here at Shane Shirley Media everyday. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions about SMS marketing or to ask for a FREE digital marketing audit valued at $2500

We are always eager and excited to share our knowledge in order to help any business or brand decrease worry over their marketing while increasing sales. 

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